Custom Metal Fabrication
and Welding Shop in Wilton, ME

Residential & Commercial Iron

Our metal contractors create iron fences, metal doors, durable gates, and more.

Custom Work

Custom metal fabrication and ironworks for residents of Wilton, ME.


Find custom carports, pole sheds, and more for homes and businesses.

Custom Commercial & Residential Welding Projects

Robin’s Welding & Metal Works in Wilton, ME, provides modern and custom ironworks for residential and commercial projects. With over 30 years of welding experience, owner Robin Harnden creates beautiful, high-quality pieces to perfect any home or business. He has worked diligently over the last decade to make his business what it is today, known for honest work with exceptional results. Robin’s Welding & Metal Works provides free estimates for all custom metal fabrication and work. Call our metal contractor today at (207) 860-8224 to see what we can do for you! We serve Farmington and Jay, ME, and the surrounding Franklin County areas. Contractors welcome to email project plan for bid on custom work contact us today.

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Residential and Commercial Welding and Metal Work Services

The metal contractors of Robin’s Welding & Metal Works provide outstanding, handcrafted iron and metal works for residents and business owners in Wilton, ME, and the surrounding areas. We provide fencing, gates, fire escapes, doors, and other decorative ironworks. Robin’s Welding & Metal works also offers welding repairs by request. We also provide steel sales for residential and commercial projects. By using MIG welding and TIG welding practices, we create quality, long-lasting products. We are an honest, hardworking company that values our customers, and we work with you to build your perfect project. A list of our services includes:

  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Handrails
  • Iron Works
  • Doors
  • Window Guards
  • Stairs
  • Iron Decks
  • Repairs

Custom Decorative Ironworks for Homes and Businesses

Robin’s Welding & Metal Works in Wilton, ME, offers custom ironworks for homes and businesses in the surrounding areas. Our metal contractors work with you to build the perfect ironwork to fit the aesthetic of your home or business. Robin’s Welding & Metal Works uses local steel and offers competitive pricing to provide clients with the best custom, one-of-a-kind iron and metal products Maine has to offer. Robin’s Welding & Metal Works also provides welding repairs by request. We have the proper background to repair aluminum, stainless, and regular steel products. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Metal Structures, Beams, and More at Robin’s Welding & Metal Works

Robin’s Welding & Metal Works has been providing Western, Central, and Southern ME areas with high-quality metal structures and beams since 2008. With 30 years of structural experience, Robin’s Welding & Metal works understands the necessity of high-quality steel and production, and works closely with customers to provide the best structures. We offer free estimates on all work. Robin’s Welding & Metal Works serves all of Western, Central, and Southern Maine areas. You can visit our shop in Wilton,ME or we can come to you just give us a call.